Discover the mountain guided tours and reach the summit of some of the tallest mountains in Africa on mountain climbing tours in Kenya with the Mount Kenya Guides!

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Climb one of the tallest mountains in Africa and reach the summit of the second tallest mountain in Africa on a mountain climbing in Kenya with the Mount Kenya guides.

Mount Kenya guides for all your mountain-guided tours in Kenya. At Above 17000ft, our efforts are to make your climbing adventure as comfortable as possible. We assist with all the formalities, such as entrance fees in the park, booking accommodation in the hotels and mountain huts, and any other requirements. Full of experience in organizing mountain climbing for the last 20 years, we are with you from the airport transfers to hotel accommodations, the best climbing guides, friendly porters, camping, and climbing gear.

Mount Kenya (known by the locals as mount Kirinyaga meaning the mountain of gods) is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest mountain in Africa.

Batian at 5,199 meters or 17,057 feet and, Nelion at 5,188 meters or 17,021 ft, point Lenana at 4,985 m or 16,355 ft are the highest peak. While Point Batian and Nelion are only for technical climbing, point Lenana can use a walking stick.

Mount Kenya is a volcanic mountain believed to have erupted more than 3 million years ago after the Great Rift Valley the block of ice at the top of mount Kenya formed a glacier. All these and more information from Mount Kenya guides for your summit attempt success.

Water:  At the base of Mount Kenya is a dense forest and rivers, which gives water to the community around Mount Kenya, The Ewasonyiro, and Tana Rivers, have a water catchment flowing from Mount Kenya Ewasonyiro and Tana are among the rivers in Kenya where Kenya electrify has made a dam for hydroelectric power stations. The many streams flowing from Mount Kenya feed both rivers.

Mount Kenya is inside The Mount Kenya National park, managed and protected by the Kenya wildlife services; Queen Elizabeth II of England diseased, inherited her majesty while Mount Kenya Tree-top lodge is still in operation today. Other hotels built in Mount Kenya National Park have a unique way of attracting visitors, they are built on top of trees, and a water hole animals come in turns to drink water. You can have your wildlife photos from the corridor of your bedroom.
A comprehensive guide to Mt Kilimanjaro, crowned by an eternal snow cap, is situated in Tanzania Kilimanjaro National Park, the most prominent and freestanding mountain and the only one in the world. We guide any potential climbers to Kilimanjaro on hiking to contribute towards a successful attempt at the summit.

The agricultural Kikuyu people live in the western and southern parts of Mount Kenya and take advantage of the rich fertile soil where they grow potatoes as a cash crop.

The Kikuyu have much respect for Mount Kenya and believe that “God” fell from the sky and sat on Mount Kenya. Therefore, appointed Kikuyu elders visit Mount Kenya to talk to their God, known as Ngai of Kirinyaga, meaning the God of Ostriches. There are tails that there were many Ostriches at the base of Mount Kenya; thus, the mountain of the Ostriches, or the “God” resting place; in the old days, the locals built their huts and churches with doors facing this mountain. Some of the churches built in the old days facing this mountain known as the mountain of “God” still stand.

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The Kikuyus, known as Meru, are on the East of the Mountain, Embu on the south, and Kambas are on the southeast side, known as Mount Kenya, a sacred mountain. The Maasais are not left behind grace their cattle inside the National park and believe their fore furthers descended from Mount Kenya and belief is a mountain of the gods.

In The Kenya National Achieves, you can trace the photographs showing that The ice of Mount Kenya glaciers, which keep on evaporating, is predicted to be gone by 2050 or earlier.


Weather: The weather at Mount Kenya is unpredictable can be freezing at night and very hot during the day.

Climbing: Mount Kenya has the three highest summits, Batian, Nelion, and Lenana Nelion and Batian need technical climbing and good preparation to conquer the summit, and Lenana is easily accessed

Climbing routes: There are several trekking routes, Naro Moru, Chogoria, Sirimon, and Timau being the most common routes but other climbing routes need special permission from the Kenya Wildlife Service.

Naro Moru route: This is the preferred route by many hikers trying to conquer point Lenana within 2 to 3 days. It is also dear to many for the only climbing route with huts as accommodation, but the other is camping. There is a possibility of climbing through the Naromoru route and descending to the Sirimon and vice vasa.

Accommodation at the Naro Moru route is in huts and other tents.

Though Mount Kenya is the second Mountain in Africa, hikers regard mount Kenya as the most difficult. Because of the weather, climbing mount Kenya can also be dangerous. Dressing warm, taking sugary things, and rising slowly, will add to the advantage of reaching the summit.

Mount Kenya guides asked questions

It can take 3 to 4 days to hike mount Kenya Lenana point though Batian and Nelion will take 6 to 7 days.

Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain, and Kilimanjaro is the highest in Africa.

Mount Kenya needs a lot of experience and preparation. For example, though a walking stick can access points, Lenana, Batian, and Nelion need technical climbing.

There is a possibility of climbing Mount Kenya in a day at Point Mackinder at 2000 meters.

Hiking Mount Kenya is all year round though April and October is rainy season and can be very challenging.

Mount Kenya lies on the northern side of Nairobi, approximately 200 miles from Nairobi city.

With many sky clippers coming up from Nairobi, it is possible to sport mount Kenya in the early hours.

Nanyuki Town is on the Northern side of the Sirimon route, while Naromoru for the Naro Moru route is on the eastern side of Mount Kenya and the base where you meet your Mount Kenya guide.

Mount Kenya is on the northern side of Kenya, East Africa.

The highest point at Mount Kenya is Batian at 5199metres.